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We Might Be Tiny Cubies | The Must-Have Sensory Jigsaw Cube

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The Cubie | The Must-Have Sensory Jigsaw Cube

Want to keep your kids entertained on the run but hate lugging around a suitcase with all their gadgets?

The Cubie is the neat little package that covers all your bases without breaking your back:

Think silicone teether and jigsaw cube. Think tabletop puzzle and sensory toy.

Think the genius 4-in-1 toy you wish you tracked down earlier.

Whether you’re out and about with a 6+ months old baby or your pre-schooler, The Cubie will keep all your small humans entertained for hours.

Each Cubie unpacks into 6 pieces featuring the numbers 1,2 and 3 as well as our familiar bear, bunny and cat shapes as cut-out shapes. Adding to the fun is the raised signature We Might Be Tiny pattern to support sensory development from a young age.

These easy-to-grab pieces love fuelling kids’ creativity with endless ways to interlock and countless age-appropriate challenges:

Explore the cut-out shapes, assemble the jigsaw cube or build your own tabletop shape.
Want to take it up a notch?

Combine 2 Cubies and unlock even more impressive creations

Quick tip: Use the cut-out shapes to attach a teething ring so your Cubie doesn’t go MIA. When little one is done, simply pop the used piece into your dishwasher for peace of mind and a fresh, hygenic start to the next teething session.
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